barky - anti barking device

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Stop annoying barking with just the push of a button without harming your dog in any way.

◉ pain-free behavior control
◉ control range up to 35ft
◉ pocket-sized design

calm your dog instantly

Are you tired of your dog's annoying barking? Stop it in seconds with Barky.

It emits ultrasonic signals, which are inaudible to humans but can easily grab your dog's attention without causing any harm, stopping excessive barking, and preventing your dog from eating unsafe food.

◉ stop barking at the push of a button

train your dog's behavior

Your dog's good behavior is extremely important. That's why Barky has a deterrent mode as well as a training mode button that makes gentle sounds to guide your furry friend, helping you work on his good behavior.

After using the device just a few times, the dogs learn that if they bark excessively, they will hear the ultrasonic waves again. In this way they are educated to be more calm and obedient.

◉ teach your dog good manners once and for all

pocket-sized & easy to use

Barky fits perfectly in your pocket and makes it totally portable to take with you anywhere. It has a built-in flashlight that will come in handy on night walks.

It is extremely easy to use, simply press the deterrent mode button and Barky will emit ultrasonic waves that will attract the attention of your dog.

◉ upgraded design with flashlight + training mode

pain-free & safe

Barky is a more effective & safe training method than using a dog training clicker, dog whistle or shock collar which cause pain to dogs.

Its ultrasonic waves are carefully calibrated to deter unwanted behavior without causing any discomfort or harm to your beloved puppy.

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designed & recommended by veterinarians

Barky is quite recommended by vets because, unlike shock collars, it does not harm your dog in any way and at the same time neutralizes his barking.

"My patients have been using Barky since it was launched and have significantly reduced their dogs' annoying barking."- Dr. Kathleen M.

loved by 17,583+ dog owners


parents said that the annoying and non-stop barking is now a myth


parents said they have trained their dog's barking behavior


parents said that after a few uses even when their dogs see the device they stop barking.


Kyle P.

"Our dogs always bark super loud when the mail gets delivered. Since using this ultrasonic tool they have learned that barking is not ok. It came just about fully charged and ready to use. It has a nice strap to go around your wrist and has a nighttime mode with a flashlight. Could be nice if you’re walking your dogs at night. I highly recommend this tool to use to needs help solving their dogs barking issues!"


Karen L.

"Say no more, look no more, if you're serious about training your dog or protecting him or her, this is it. It is amazing how well it works. I never imagine this type of devices will work for dogs. My dog can get the zoomies and he goes crazy. Sometimes he jumps at people or other dogs. These device has been a life saver for him and us too. I recommend it for those that consider serious training or even if you're simply interested in keeping your dog save."


Brian H.

"I inherited my mom's dog & he barks at EVERYTHING!! I have tried whistles, clickers, a different noise maker & even a shock collar!! NONE OF THESE WORKED!! This works and It only took my dog about 2 days to stop barking.

don't fall for harmful collars

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If, for whatever reason, you're not completely satisfied with your order, we'll go above and beyond to address your concerns. With our 30-day money-back guarantee, you can test Barky with total peace of mind.

premium solution

Barky is a premium anti-barking device and can't be found in physical stores.

Customer Reviews

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Karley Donnelly

barky - anti barking device

Una Smith

Works. The dog reacts. The quality is excellent. Fast delivery.

Gayle Schumm

The device corresponds to the description and pictures provided. It works on dogs, but it is important that the dog is close (the sound confuses them, they stop or move away). Everything is written in the instructions.

Alexys Mayert

Super device👍My dogs obey the fingers and the eye now👌Thank you very much🙏

Moises Reichert

A great Repeller of dogs and cats. Both cats and dogs react to it. Feature of ultrasonic scarers that dogs that are in aggression, under stress and dogs in a calm state react to it, well, sterilized dogs can only "lead with their ears" may not react to it. A good built-in flashlight. There is a sound buzzer. Built-in battery, there is a charge indicator. Red discharge, Green charged. Excellent and very fast delivery. There is a two-mode fuse switch on the device, which is a fuse against accidental actuations. Felt in the hand
Massive. The kit contains instructions, charging wire, hand strap.