"Over the past 7 years, I have tried everything to eliminate the fungus on my nails, but without result. I've been using Naily for 3 weeks and I can say that my nails have started to take on their natural color" - Emily T, USA

naily - antifungal laser

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Finally destroy nail fungus from home and stop being embarrassed by your nails.

◉ fungus treatment with the highest % success rate
◉ no more pills with harmful side-effects
◉ quick & discomfort-free treatment

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no more ineffective treatments

Did you know 40+ million Americans suffer from nail fungus and only 36% of them manage to cure it with standard medications like oral medication, topical medication, etc?

Topical meds are unable to reach the root cause of the fungus as it lives underneath the nail layer, making it difficult to destroy. While oral meds can cause side effects like headache, nausea, and may harm the liver and kidneys. Even after surgery, sometimes the fungus returns again.

However, after the advent of innovative laser treatment, the percentage of people getting rid of nail fungus increased to 90%, which is amazing.

◉ be one of the 90% and say goodbye to nail fungus

eliminate nail fungus forever

Say goodbye to the discomfort and embarrassment of fungal infections by using Naily 2 times a day for 7 minutes.

It uses a strong beam of light to heat up, target and eliminate stubborn nail fungus, promoting healthy and beautiful nails. The laser focuses deep into the layers of the nail where the fungus is (where other medications can't reach), damaging its genetic material and stopping its growth once and for all.

◉ This process is quick, safe, and doesn't harm the surrounding healthy tissue. 

why laser?

Because your nails are made up of hard shell that protects your toes, and which also gives shelter to the fungus. For this reason, only lasers can break through this shell and reach the fungus. Naily uses the power of 4 lasers - 3 blue lasers and 1 infrared laser.

Blue lasers target fungal infections in the nail bed and plate, effectively destroying them without damaging surrounding tissues.

The infrared laser generates heat that disrupts the metabolism of the fungal cells, inhibiting their growth and leading to clearance of the infection. The heat from the lasers also has a sterilizing effect, which helps prevent new fungal growth.

◉ 14 minutes/day for healthier nails

pain-free and safe

Naily prioritizes your well-being by offering a non-invasive and safe solution to nail fungus. Unlike other meds, Naily's laser therapy is gentle, painless, and devoid of side effects.

The device is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that you can comfortably treat your nails without any discomfort.

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Endorsed by healthcare experts

Naily has gone through 6 prototypes and was developed over a 4-year period of research & testing using the help of a renowned team of podiatrists & healthcare experts.

"My patients have been using Naily since its launch and have been able to eliminate their nail fungus within 1-3 months, which is very impressive to me as an expert in this field for years"- Dr. Kathleen M.

Helped 17,583+ people beat nail fungus


customers report significant nail improvement within 6 weeks


customers report that the unpleasant smell of nail fungus is completely gone after 1-2 weeks


customers report that after Naily, they now feel much more confident and comfortable

what to expect from Naily

Consistent use is extremely important, so use Naily twice daily for best results.

how to use it

Justin Bray

I’ve tried multiple anti fungal treatments for years and nothing has ever helped heal my toe nail.
After clipping away the detached portion and using this light treatment daily, my nail is growing back healthy and reattached to the nail bed!

Debra Halmon

I love this product it has helped drastically within just a few weeks of using it! I recommend buying it.

Eva Ayer

This device has done wonders. I use it every single day and it only keeps improving the effect on my toes. Wish I had known about it sooner. If you're thinking about getting one, please do. You're thank me later.

avoid harmful & ineffective treatments

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We want to make sure you're fully informed, so we answered some of the most common questions our customers had.

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If, for whatever reason, you're not completely satisfied with your order, we'll go above and beyond to address your concerns. With our 30-day money-back guarantee, you can test Naily with total peace of mind.

premim solution

Naily is a premium product and can't be found in physical stores.

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Jane Doe
It works! Be patient

I have been using this for 2 months and can tell it is working! Be patient and use twice a day as Indicated! Don’t give up. Use it and I’m sure you’ll see a change too.

Michael S.
Try it. Practical, safe, and easy to use

The Nail Fungus Cleaning Laser Device has cleared my toe nail fungus in three months by using it twice a day every day. My toe nail has been growing fast. I have been trimming my toenail and the ugly part is truly moving up leaving the bottom of my nail healthy and clear of fungus. This device is practical, safe, and easy to use. It does not burn or cause any side effect like the prescribed medications do! Give it a try, the professional laser treatments are very expensive and this device is VERY affordable and reusable until your toe nails get cleared from fungus!

Jim S.
Works great and almost immediately.

Within a week I could see a huge difference in my toe nails. I also am using a fungus polish after using the laser, but had been using this polish for months before this and the laser has made a huge difference. I have even tried prescription stuff for the fungus and this works so much better! Thank you.

Samantha K.
This works

I was skeptical of this gadget, but it worked great on my nail fungus. By the time I went to the doctor the nail was so much better. Dr prescribed medication but told me to continue using the laser and a in 3 weeks the nail was healed.

Lilla U.
It's Working!

I have been having trouble with fungus on my big toes for several years. It gets better using one thing and then comes back again and I'll try something else. I've tried both home remedies and OTC remedies plus a cream prescribed by my dermatologist. This device has been the easiest to use and I've used it twice a day for the past 3 weeks and believe it or not there has been some improvement in that short of time. I know that this will take some time to clear up but I'm very happy and encouraged to see progress already. I thoroughly recommend this great little device.