Mittex™ Warmy Socks

"Cold nights, warm feet. Thanks to Warmy Socks, I rediscovered comfort. Pure bliss!" - Zoe T, USA

❄️ Banish Cold Feet Pain
💤 Sleep Pain-Free Nights
😊 Ultimate Cozy Comfort
✨ No-Slip Secure Fit

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Pain-Free Comfort for Cold Feet Sufferers

Cold feet are not just an inconvenience; for many, they are a source of discomfort, even pain. Enter Warmy Socks: our Over Knee High Fuzzy Long Socks designed primarily for those who suffer from painfully cold feet. With these socks, you can bid farewell to those cold days and nights, ensuring your feet remain warm, pain-free, and in ultimate comfort.


Unparalleled Coziness

The coziness of Warmy Socks is second to none. They are made of high-quality fuzzy materials that wrap your feet and legs in a cocoon of warmth. Whether you're snuggled up on the couch with a book, working from your desk, or getting ready for bed, Warmy Socks promises a warm and comfortable experience every time.


Versatile Open Toe Design

Warmy Socks are not just about warmth; they're about versatility. Featuring unique openings in the soles of the feet, these socks can effortlessly be transformed into open toe socks or footless socks. This feature allows users to enjoy the warmth while giving their toes some fresh air or while wearing sandals and other open-toed shoes.

Stay-Up Design for Convenience

The struggle of constantly pulling up slipping socks is real. Warmy Socks, however, come equipped with an elastic around the hip. This ensures that once they are up, they stay up. No more interruptions or discomfort; these socks are designed to fit snugly without falling off, offering you a hassle-free experience.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Zoe T.
All I needed!

Cold nights, warm feet. Thanks to Warmy Socks, I rediscovered comfort. Pure bliss!

Tony L.
Warm legs and feet.

Bought for wife. She is always hot. Except her feet. She wear these at night to sleep. Before these she used socks and wrapped her knees each night. Wake up and her knees always hurt. NOW, her feet are warm all night and in the morning she said her knees no longer hurt. Fuzzy stockings are the answer if you have poor circulation in your legs. They are loose fitting and go above the knees. And proved to be the answer for wifie poop's foot and leg problem. She loves these and is a very happy camper.

Brenna T.
If you have issues with cold feet, this is for you!

I have Raynaud's Syndrome and every winter I struggle to keep my feet warm. I've tried several different socks, socks and slipper boots, etc and nothing has kept them consistently warm. I got these a few days ago and have been wearing them with thick socks underneath and it is the first thing that's kept my feet warm consistently, at a good temperature too. They are quality, soft, comfy, and fit on somewhat thicker thighs :)

Just what I was looking for

I am 76 years old and have cold feet and restless legs when I go to bed. I have purchased multiple pairs of knee high socks and leggings that work for a few hours or days to warm my feet and calm my legs. Turns out I am allergic to most of them. These are perfect, no wool or elastic therefore no itch. I love them.

Ken Schaden

Mittex™ Warmy Socks

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